Brian C Taylor


Contemplative Christianity and Zen Buddhism - The link below takes you to a talk I gave on Oct. 19, 2015 at the Ancient Dragon Zen Gate, a Soto Zen center in Chicago. The talk highlights some areas of teaching and practice that overlap in the two traditions.

Lectio Divina (“divine reading”) is a form of praying and meditating with a text that was developed by medieval monastic communities. It moves from reading, to meditating, to praying, to contemplating. What follows is a talk I gave about this practice. Lectio Divina mp3

Here’s a video I’ve done on how to use a posture when meditating that helps to sustain upright alertness, relaxation, and stillness for extended periods.

The following are a series of talks I gave for a class entitled The Empty Way: Zen Buddhism and Contemplative Christianity. The first one gives some basic instructions for meditation/contemplative prayer, and the rest highlight themes that are common to both traditions.

instruction for meditation 1 empty way mp3 version

emptiness 2 empty way emptiness mp3 version-1

grace and effort 3 empty way grace and effort

impermanence 4 empty way impermanence mp3-1

union 5 empty way union mp3

“God” 6 empty way God mp3

compassion 7 empty way compassion mp3